Our Active Adventure journeys are some of the most exciting and rewarding adventure vacations you can take. They bring you to unspoiled and remote destinations, allow you to explore indigenous and traditional cultures, and provide endless opportunities to ratchet up your adrenaline with adventure travel sports such as trekking, heli-skiing, and sailing.

While adventure travel can certainly be “extreme,” you may be surprised by the leisurely nature of some of our private adventure vacations, all of which can customized to meet your unique needs.


Apex Luxury Lifestyles provides access to the world’s most ultra-exclusive events and experiences. Award Show Tickets, Movie Premiere Tickets , Celebrity Parties, Red Carpet Events, VIP TV Show tickets and Television Show Set Visits, Sports and Adventures and other ultra-exclusive A-List events and experiences. We also have additional VIP offerings available exclusively through our membership program.


Apex Luxury Lifestyles have experience in providing personal protection services as well as security for high end locations. Our client list includes corporate executives, entertainment/media celebrities, professional athletes and a host of high-level details.

Our team approach to individual security includes a comprehensive risk assessment that entails understanding the level and look needed, then tailoring service and personnel for that exact fit.

“Suits” are another tier provided for high end events, which often requires an extensive security background that can remain professional in the most difficult situations, but has a sense of dealing with a VIP.

This tier involves the security background and integrates hospitality, customer service and a delicate touch when dealing with those that need the extra attention.

Unlike a typical security guard which is rough look that implements strict protocol; this tier is able to make decisions on the fly, within authority limitations dictated by the client.

They are able to resolve issues as needed and escalate when required. Usually the team will be involved in pre-deployment meetings to determine the exact scope of services needed.